Dog days of summer 2010 – pet photography

Five years after more than 180 dogs were rescued and airlifted from Katrina devastated New Orleans to Santa Cruz by efforts and money from donors and volunteers at the Santa Cruz SPCA, this event is held to mark the anniversary and to celebrate dogs and owners everywhere.

The day started early under a slight drizzling sky, we set up our booth on very wet grass, and wearing jackets. Summer will come later. My husband Kevin helped Portia Shao--206 x 137 Portia Shao--212 x 141out and later our dogs joined us. I was not selling anything at the event, but offering a free portrait session in exchange for a minimum donation to the SPCA! Thanks to all who generously donated at the event, I will see you soon at the studio for your portrait with your pets.

We had a pony right across from us, and many dogs were really excited when they saw the pony. The pony on the other hand was quite calm and met all who came over with good manners! The pony was also a rescue from the SPCA. You didn’t know they had more than dogs and cats, did you? There were many fun games and events at the rings closer to the river, including dancing, agility course, parades of Katrina rescue dogs, and many more throughout the day. I didn’t have any pictures of those because I had to be at the booth. This is the first year SPCA hosted this event, and I hope it will be repeated with with success in the years to come.