4 generations of women in family portrait

4 generations of women in a portrait – family portrait

I have to confess, I love to photograph women. If you are thinking about documenting this time of your life as a woman, please, please talk to me!

This portrait of Laurel’s family consists of 4 generations of women (girls) in her life right now. From her youngest 18 month old granddaughter, another granddaughter at 4 year old, her daughter to her 90 year old mom. This moment may seem everyday, but unless you are under 10 years old, time just goes by faster every year, and before you know it, the babies are grown-ups, and they move away, and it will be so hard to get everyone in the same room. To make the effort now to capture your life is so important. I never got to meet my grandparents, not to mention great grandparents. These little girls are so lucky and they will grow up knowing they were loved and treasured. What a great way to create a legacy of your family.

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