Portrait experience captures essence of relationships

A repeat client of mine recently updated her review of my studio on Yelp, describing the two portrait experiences she had with me.

Here is what she said after the first session:

“Portia did a professional head shot for me and I was thrilled. I have received lots of positive feedback. She brought out the best in me and truly captured my essence with an authentic shot. I also had a lot of fun with the photo shoot experience itself. She helped me to relax and have fun while getting a wonderful head shot. Her professionalism, integrity and expertise combined with her eye made me look great in front a camera. That is no easy task.”

Then she finally convinced her partner to come in for a portrait, and had this to say about that portrait experience:

“She also did a special session with me and my partner and it was a fantastic experience. We were both very nervous about doing the shot together. By the end of the session, we were very happy with the shots she took and the best part was that my partner and I had a great time and felt so comfortable with Portia that we left the studio feeling more connected as a couple and very happy with the whole experience! Portia’s professionalism and creativity brought not only the best shots possible, she captured the essence of our connection with each other. I highly recommend her.”

I always know and strive to provide a professional and fun experience for people, but I did not truly realize the portrait experience can make people feel more connected with each other. I should have known of course, a portrait session can be such a positive experience, you don’t just get a photo out of it, the “living” part of the experience has to be great too. I am so happy that Terry had such an experience at my studio! Thank you!