Celebration of Smiles Day is April 6

Photographer can actually create smiles

I do not mean I say “cheese” to make you smile in front of my camera. The smiles I am talking about are life-changing ones through surgery by doctors and volunteers of Operation Smile with donations from people everywhere, including PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Charities. Last year I was a 2013 Operation Smile Studio, and this year will be the 7th year I am celebrating smiles with PPA Charities.












What is your reaction when you see a photo of a child with cleft lips or palate? Do you turn away in horror and avert your eyes like I did years ago? I have now seen the transformation which can take place and the real and happy smiles and lives they and their family can enjoy.  Join me this year to help a few more children through the national fundraising event Celebration of Smiles Day. It will be on Sunday April 6 in my studio.















Here in USA, children who are born with cleft lips or palete can pretty easily get surgery and live a normal life with a real smile. Katy is a mom and a photographer in Nashville whose son was born with cleft lips, watch her video to see why she supports Operation Smile to help other children.

One of the rewards of being a professional photographer is to help bring families together, to create great memories to cherish forever, and to change lives!

Join me on Celebration of Smiles Day April 6 to capture smiles of your child and help to create smiles with a minimum $24 donation per child in a mini session (10 minutes) and a 5×7 print of your child. The $24 goes to Operation Smile to create a smile and change life of another child. Email me or call 831-426-1400 to be part of Celebration of Smiles Day on April 6, 2014. Here is FAQ and details about Celebration of Smiles Day.