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Model Jason being interviewed for CBS Insider

Model Jason being interviewed for CBS Insider

It’s not everyday I get to be on TV, actually I don’t think I had ever been on TV before, but recently my model and studio have been featured in newspaper appearances, and tonight, even on TV!

Whether your dream is to surpass Fabio like Jason, or to get a great family portrait for your mom, or just a super confident headshot for your business, photography may be how you get there, and I am ready to help make your dream come true.

I have been working with Jason Baca the romance novel cover model featured in the photo here for several years, and now he is breaking the record of Fabio’s book covers, so there were a few¬†newspaper writeup’s over the last few months, and tonight, the CBS Insider featured a segment of the photo shoot in the studio with Jason. They came to film it yesterday! If you missed the show, here is the short clip! In the same episode were featured some real big names, like Oprah, Ben Affleck, Chris Hemsworth. All people I love, so, very amazing!

The article appeared on March 30, 2016 in New York Times

Los Angeles Times article on Nov 13, 2015

Santa Cruz Sentinel on 11/8/2015

are just the most recent newspaper appearances of Jason in my studio. I love working with models or people who have special ideas about what they want to create the more unusual images.