Giving back in smiles with family portrait month

Giving back in smiles, this is what we have been doing during Family Portrait Month since 2007. This year’s Family Portrait Month is in October!

This month’s PPA Professional Photographer magazine featured a paragraph about me and several of my photos in the online version of the magazine (see this link), To quote it says this

Portia Shao, CPP, from Santa Cruz, California, 
has supported PPA Charities since she joined PPA in 2007. 
She was one of the top donors for Family Portrait Month in 2013. 
"It feels good that I can make a difference in a child's life with such a small contribution," she says.

August issue of PPA Professional Photographer Magazine

Please help me continue the tradition of supporting PPA Charities and create smiles in this years Family Portrait Month. During October, come in for a family portrait (any portrait with a family member, or a pet!) and I will donate the session fee to PPA Charities. It only takes $240 to fund one surgery to change a child’s life forever. The children with cleft lips and palate not only look terrible, they could not eat or speak properly. It is amazing to me that only $240 could change their lives! You will get a great family portrait and know that you have helped to create a real smile in a child and make a real difference!