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coutured pooches

Coutured pooches – pet photography

It’s not every day that I got to photograph pooches in couture! But these pups from the Santa Cruz SPCA had a special date with dog couture designer Anastasia Steinberg and we had a lot of fun decking them out in beautiful outfits! I hope they all find homes soon. Are you interested in greeting cards, mugs, posters featuring these high fashion models? Contact me or the Santa Cruz SPCA if you do. It will be a good way to give to the Santa Cruz SPCA, a no-kill shelter dedicated to finding loving homes for homeless pooches.

coutured poochescoutured pooches coutured pooches coutured pooches

vintage family portrait

A unique family portrait come to life – family portrait

When you think of a family portrait, what comes to your mind?

Most family portraits are portraits of your family looking happy, sometimes looking at the camera, sometimes not. Usually wearing everyday clothes, or  something formal or unusual. I especially enjoy it when people come in with ideas unique as  this one.

Here is how this family portrait was created:

  1. Start with a goal. Read more
family portrait colors example

What to wear for your family portrait

Color choices for your family or group portrait

One of the most important decisions to make before coming to the studio for your family or group portrait is to decide what to wear!

The style is one thing you need to decide for yourself, you can choose casual, traditional, formal, based on what the portrait is for and what you are comfortable in.

The other important question is choosing the colors of what you wear. Read more

Tips on dressing for a successful headshot portrait

How to prepare for your headshot portrait?

Surprisingly, a headshot photo may contain more than just your head! But let’s start from the top on how to prepare yourself for the portrait session. These are general guidelines for any kind of headshot, always know what kind of impression you want your headshot to make on the viewer, professional? confident? serious or friendly, unique or compatible with company policy? A headshot for an accountant is very different from one for a musician.


  1. Do wash your hair the day before or same day, consider getting your hair styled at a salon, manicure or pedicure as appropriate Read more
mom and dad

Before the beginning and six years later – studio history

Before I opened my studio more than 6 years ago, I told my parents about what I wanted to do. This is the portrait of my parents on top left taken in 2006, it is hanging in the studio as many of you have noted when you visited my studio. I will get to the photo on the top right in a minute.

My father told me that they had once driven an hour away to a photography studio for a portrai. I was surprised because I never saw any such portrait, I asked “where is the portrait?” He said he hated the portrait and the experience and the portrait was in the closet. My father Read more

mother and baby

Another signature painted portrait – family portrait

Portrait of a mother and here baby can be so timeless and universal.

Sometimes a portrait calls out to be a painting. This was one of those. When I took the photo I just knew this one is a perfect candidate for a painterly interpretation.

It is hard to see when shown so small on the screen, but the brushstrokes and textures are visible when seen in person, it is more romantic and beautiful than the straight photographic version.

Read more

romance novel cover

The making of a romance novel cover

When you pick up a romance novel and look at the images on the cover, do you ever wonder how these images were created? They are not just paintings somebody made up in their heads. Most of them started with a photo session with models like Jason Baca and Katherine Celio.

Jason Baca has appeared on the covers of more than 100 romance novels, lots of those were made from photos we created together in the studio. It is Read more

jason the model

Beauty and fitness, a great body deserves a great portrait

If you look as great as Jason or Susan here, don’t you deserve a great portrait? I certainly think you do. Personal trainer Strong like Susan works hard to get in great shape, and she shares her workout in a series of Youtube videos.  You can find Jason in numerous romance novel covers, fitness magazines, and trainer susan

model Jason

Modeling portfolio for romance novel covers

I love working with models on creating unique images for the modeling portfolios. Special requirements, props and looks are all great for getting the creative process going. It was fun and I love the results! You might even see some of these images on your favorite romance novels. If you are a model and have some unique ideas or looks, I love to hear from you.

model Jason model Jason