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Master the squinch

Why squinching is cool or how to look awesome in your headshot

Do you know why squinching is cool? Here is one of the secrets to looking awesome in your headshot.

Don’t look in the dictionary, “Squinch” is a word made up by famous New York and Los Angeles headshot photographer Peter Hurley, squinching is cool! Judge yourself, which photo looks better? Even this dog looks cooler when he squinches! Of course if you are trying to project an innocent look, or look adoringly at your baby, then this is not something to do. For headshots though, it generally makes for a more confident look, more sophisticated expression, and make you look more intriguing to the viewer. Doesn’t Serena look way more interesting and more photogenic in the photo where she squinches?

How do you squinch? Look in the mirror, and try to squint by pinching your lower eyelid a tiny bit. We don’t want to look too contorted, a little goes a long way! Peter Hurley has a video on Youtube, if you want more instructions, check it out It’s got more than 1.5 million views!

dog squinting

family portrait colors example

What to wear for your family portrait

Color choices for your family or group portrait

One of the most important decisions to make before coming to the studio for your family or group portrait is to decide what to wear!

The style is one thing you need to decide for yourself, you can choose casual, traditional, formal, based on what the portrait is for and what you are comfortable in.

The other important question is choosing the colors of what you wear. Read more

Tips on dressing for a successful headshot portrait

How to prepare for your headshot portrait?

Surprisingly, a headshot photo may contain more than just your head! But let’s start from the top on how to prepare yourself for the portrait session. These are general guidelines for any kind of headshot, always know what kind of impression you want your headshot to make on the viewer, professional? confident? serious or friendly, unique or compatible with company policy? A headshot for an accountant is very different from one for a musician.


  1. Do wash your hair the day before or same day, consider getting your hair styled at a salon, manicure or pedicure as appropriate Read more