Celebration of Smiles Day 2014 FAQ

Celebration of Smiles Day is April 6, 2014 at Positive Vista Photography & Art. Please join me to help celebrate smiles of your family for a worthy cause, donation goes to Operation Smile.

Q: What is Celebration of Smiles Day?

A: It’s a national fundraising effort of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Charities where professional photographers help raise funds for Operation Smile, who provides free surgery to children of facial deformity like cleft lips and cleft palate around the world. Professional photographers offer the gift of an individual mini portrait session and a 5×7 portrait in exchange for a $24 donation to Operation Smile. This donation is 1/10 the amount needed for one surgery.

Q: Why shall I participate in Celebration of Smiles Day at your studio?

A: It is a perfect opportunity to have your portrait made or that of a loved one by Portia Shao, Certified Professional Photographer, while making it possible to truly change the lives of children who would otherwise face a lifetime of pain and rejection. If you have always thought about getting a professional portrait but couldn’t find the time or money, there is no better way to get what you want while helping a very worthy cause!

Q: When and where is the event?

A: The event is April 6, 2014 from 11am to 5pm at Positive Vista Photography & Art by Portia Shao studio, 303 Potrero St STE 45-201 Santa Cruz California. Map to the studio.

Q: How long is the mini session?

A: The mini session is only 10 minutes long, and there are only 24 sessions available, on the quarter hour starting from 11am to 5pm on April 6. So book yours before they are run out.

Q: Is this event just the portrait for one person?

A: Yes, only one person per mini session with $24 donation. However if you have two people, you are welcome to book two back-to-back sessions with $48, you will get two 5×7 prints! In that time you will also be able to have portraits together and individually.

Q: What if I like to get a portrait of my dog?

A: Portia creates wonderful portraits of dogs, and she knows your dog may be your child, so no problem, your dog is a “person”! Check out the pet portrait gallery.

Pet photo by Portia Shao

Q: Will I be able to purchase additional portraits?

A: Yes, there will be a special pricing associated with the event, and 20% of the additional purchase will also go to Operation Smile to help create more smiles.

Q: How do I participate in Celebration of Smiles Day?

A: Contact me by email or phone 831-426-1400 to verify the time you want for the session is available.


Here is what one client, Jenny Call said about her daughters’ portrait. (This is a signature portrait created from a photograph, one of the fine art products from Positive Vista Photography & Art)

Jennys girls painted portrait

Portia is an absolutely wonderful photographer.  She is creative, artistic, patient, and really loves what she does and that shows in her shoots.  She took one of the most artist and beautiful pictures of my daughters that I have ever seen.  I look at this picture (which she turned into a canvas which looks like a real painting), and it takes me back to a specific time and  place.  I am so thankful to Portia and her camera!!

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