Professional headshot photography in Santa Cruz

professional headshot by Portia Shao3 steps to getting your professional headshot

A professional headshot, a business portrait or a corporate executive headshot are all names for the same thing, an image created professionally for you so you can show it on your web page, Facebook, Linkedin, Meetup or Yelp, wherever your presence is needed on the web. It can also be printed on your business card, your marketing brochures, or advertising. Depending on what your profession is, the image will ideally showcase your character and expertise to people you may not have met. If it is a first impression, the importance can not be underestimated.

At Positive Vista Photography & Art, you will have fun, and get great results! Check out my “Be thrilled or Bust” guarantee”.
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STEP 1: I offer a complimentary consultation before the session, so we can plan and be prepared for your studio photo session. During the consultation, our discussion will include the following (don’t worry if you have no idea, that’s why we have a consultation!)

  • clothing (what to wear and what to avoid) Tips on dressing for a successful headshot
  • makeup (if appropriate) and hair style
  • looks (by going over samples and finding what you like, dramatic or business-like, head and shoulders, 3/4 length or full length, any props?) Look at some samples from the gallery now
  • goals (do you want to look friendly? serious? approachable, polished, casual, etc.)
  • products (do you use it on the web only? or you also need prints, what size? Black and white or color?)
  • any questions you have

STEP 2: Photo session.  You can choose a simple photo session only, or one with hair stylist and makeup artist. The simple photo session is half an hour in the studio, and we can accommodate 3 clothing changes usually, and end up with about 30 photos to choose from.

STEP 3: Ordering.  Usually about a week later, you will come for the ordering appointment where we go over the photos and you select the photos you want. I will retouch the photos as much or little as you need and get your orders (digital jpeg files or prints) back to you in 1-2 weeks. It is also possible to compress the schedule if necessary, this is something we can customize for your needs.


Price of packages starts at $200 for one half hour session with one small web use digital jpeg image.  Contact me to get started at 831-426-1400, or email me.

Here is a sample small jpeg file (click on it to see how big it looks on a web page all by itself), showing the size you would get. It is large enough for all profile photos and web use, but printed as a photo it is only a wallet size.

sample small jpeg file